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The MoreLaw Minneapolis Exceptional Service Guarantee

If you or your clients are dissatisfied in any way with the service and care given by MoreLaw Minneapolis, we will gladly give you an immediate refund; no questions asked, without any hassle, and with no hard feelings. On top of that, we will give you an additional 10% back just for your trouble.

You can't lose!

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Why have a virtual office?

There was a time when having a law practice meant having a brick and mortar office, having a law library full of books, and an onsite secretary.  While some lawyers still choose to practice that way, today’s technology has made it easier than ever to leave the brick and mortar office behind. Virtual office services in Minneapolis are great for attorneys in many different situations, including:


  • Attorneys starting a new practice
  • Law firms in other locations wanting a downtown satellite office
  • Attorneys working from home
  • Attorneys who want to be semi-retired
  • Attorneys who want the income from their practice to go into their pockets instead of funding overhead

So, why go virtual? The many benefits of going virtual is why going virtual has gotten so popular.

Here are the major benefits of having a virtual office:

1. Having virtual office services is much more economical than having a traditional brick and mortar office.  For instance, in downtown Minneapolis a solo practitioner or firm with a few attorneys can expect to have a brick and mortar office with 1,000 square feet for around $2,000 a month for rent and utilities (not including the initial setup costs which would be at the very least $3,500).  On the other hand, a solo practitioner working from home or a firm with a few attorneys primarily officing out of their homes can have a virtual office for $355 a month without any setup costs.  That is a significant savings that means more money in the lawyers’ pockets.  Would you like more money in your pocket?

2. Virtual office services include phone answering and reception services.  To hire a person to handle these tasks on your own would cost around $3,000 per month.  Some attorneys choose not to have someone answer their phones or greet their clients, but that risks missed calls, an unprofessional impression, and possibly poor customer service.  For the cost of having virtual office services, you can ensure that your calls are being handled when you are unavailable and that your clients are getting the best possible impression of you.

3. Many solo practitioners and small firms find it cost prohibitive to outfit a well furnished office.  A virtual office allows you to have a swanky place to work and meet clients without having to break the bank.

4. On a related note, meeting clients in coffee shops and other public places is problematic.  For one thing, it is difficult to have a confidential conversation in that environment; plus, your client may not want to share emotionally sensitive information with you under those circumstances.  While some clients may not be put off by such a meeting, your credibility would be diminished in the eyes of most clients.  Diminished credibility will not help your practice grow.

Don’t believe me? Here’s an illustration:

5. Many attorneys working alone experience a feeling of isolation.  Having a community of attorneys in a shared office space cuts down on the feeling of isolation and provides the social and professional benefits usually found in a larger firm.  These include having others to bounce ideas off of and consult on difficult cases, having a network to refer cases to and to get referrals from, and a group of colleagues to enjoy water cooler conversation with.  While the economics of going virtual are compelling, it is most often the social aspects that are of most value.

6. A virtual office gives you an instant network of attorneys with diverse practice areas.  This is useful as you may need to consult with someone in an area of law outside of your bailiwick.  Attorneys in large firms can go down the hall and visit with a colleague in a different department.  You don’t have that luxury when you are working on your own, unless you are in a community of attorneys like that in MoreLaw Minneapolis.

7. Some attorneys choose to work part-time or nontraditional hours in order to manage some other aspect of their lives.  This may be for childcare reasons, or caring for an ailing family member, or to have a second career unrelated to law.  Law firms tend to frown upon these working arrangements.  For these people a virtual office is the perfect solution.  They have the law office facility available to them when they need it without the enormous overhead of having their own space.

8. There are numerous reasons why an attorney would want to setup a new law practice. They may be new out of law school, or they may be transitioning from another firm, or they may be leaving the public sector. For an attorney setting up a new practice, a virtual office allows them to start business without a large outlay of capital and makes it possible for them to start from scratch and still be profitable.

9. With a virtual office, you only pay for the services you need when you need them.  That may be help from support staff like paralegals, or billing and bookkeeping services, or even basic office services.  You can tailor your services to fit your needs and your budget as your practice changes.

10. The technology that MoreLaw Minneapolis offers allows you to be anywhere and be connected with your clients.  This provides a level of flexibility that cannot be found in a traditional office.

MoreLaw Minneapolis is the perfect place to go virtual because we know what lawyers need and cater to those particular needs.  For instance, we know how critical it is that you know when pleadings arrive in your mailbox.  We will let you know when you receive mail and who that mail is from so that you do not miss an important deadline because you did not know you had received a filing in one of your cases. We also know that your clients are here for sensitive legal matters and as such we treat them with a care and kindliness due to legal clients.

We are so committed to serving you that we offer an unconditional guarantee that you and your clients will be satisfied with the care and service provided by us or we will refund you 110% of the purchase price for those services. We know what attorneys need to succeed because we are attorneys, and we are invested in your success.

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