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The MoreLaw Minneapolis Exceptional Service Guarantee

If you or your clients are dissatisfied in any way with the service and care given by MoreLaw Minneapolis, we will gladly give you an immediate refund; no questions asked, without any hassle, and with no hard feelings. On top of that, we will give you an additional 10% back just for your trouble.

You can't lose!

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    • “It’s a steep learning curve.”  You’ll hear this a lot from experienced solos reflecting on the start of their practice – and they’re right. One way to beat the learning curve is by choosing a practice area that capitalizes on what you know. Try borrowing a short exercise from performance coach Achim Nowak.  To help […]

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    • How do you translate a practice area into a practice?  Or, more bluntly, how do you keep the lights on while attracting the kind of cases you want to handle?  The short answer:  focus and persistence. Year 1:  Food Law, With Focus “What kind of law do you practice?”  People ask this question for two […]

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    • The real question is, at what point is office space a wise investment? When I was starting my practice, I asked a number of solos what their biggest financial mistake was.  The answer? Office space.  Too much of it, too fancy an address, too long of a commitment.   Don’t get me wrong, a physical office […]

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    • You’ve chosen a practice area and engraved your shingle.  Where to hang it?  Depends on the kind of work you’re going to do–no one size fits all. “Real” Office Once upon a time, setting up your own physical office was the only option.  (I grew up in New Jersey, which until recently required every lawyer […]

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    • If you’re thinking about starting a solo practice, remember it works best as a family decision. Unless you’ve managed to sock away a year of living expenses, as recommended by solo-startup guru Jay Foonberg, you’re going to subject your family to fluctuating income (including periods of little to no income).  Like your income, your schedule […]

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